Courses Survey

One of the objectives of the PFBW is to continue on with the dissemination of science and providing incentives to our members to be more engaged in the Forum activities and objectives. One of the strategies is the development of academic, professional and/or training courses online offered by our members but also open to non members in the Forum’s platform. In order to evaluate the feasibility of this strategy, we need your input and feedback in order to move forward with the best strategy for everyone.


What is the sector that best represents your profile?

Would you be interested in offering an academic or training course in collaboration with the Permanent Forum of Binational Waters


  • Here is a link to a teaser of an introduction to a class made by the 3rd party for your reference
  • Authors will keep the copyright of their content on both options.
  • Authors may decide to withdraw their original content and materials from the platform.
  • Turn around of course development from the developer is approximately 8 days.
  • Fees can vary and can be negotiated on a case by case basis
  • Authors will not be able to use any logo from their affiliated institutions (only the Forum’s logo), only their names and degrees.