surface water

Alex Mayer headshot

Alex Mayer

Professor and Researcher

Alfonso Andrés Cortez Lara headshot

Alfonso Andrés Cortez Lara

Investigador Titular

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Alfredo Granados-Olivas headshot

Alfredo Granados-Olivas

Professor and Researcher

Ali Mirchi headshot

Ali Mirchi

Assistant Professor

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Allen  Berthold headshot

Allen Berthold

Senior Research Scientist

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Ana Wagner headshot

Ana Wagner


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Andrew Teeple headshot

Andrew Teeple


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Anita Milman headshot

Anita Milman

Professor and Researcher

Brad Wolaver headshot

Brad Wolaver

Chief Hydrologist at Fish and Wildlife Services

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Carlos Patino-Gomez headshot

Carlos Patino-Gomez

Professor and Researcher

Carlos Rubinstein headshot

Carlos Rubinstein


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Cynthia Hobson headshot

Cynthia Hobson


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David  Dean headshot

David Dean


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David Hyndman headshot

David Hyndman

Dean and Endowed Chair @ UTD

David Sanchez headshot

David Sanchez

Project Manager at Sana Ingenieria S.A. de C.V.

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David Topping headshot

David Topping

Research Hydrologist

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Dwight Zedric headshot

Dwight Zedric


Edwin Fernando Zetina Robleda headshot

Edwin Fernando Zetina Robleda

Subcoordinator of Water Planning

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Elia Scudiero headshot

Elia Scudiero

Assistant Researcher

Elia Tapia Villaseñor headshot

Elia Tapia Villaseñor

Media Support

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Eliana Rodriguez Burgueño headshot

Eliana Rodriguez Burgueño

Professor and Researcher

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Enrique Prunes headshot

Enrique Prunes

Senior Program Officer

Eric Filter headshot

Eric Filter


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Erica Martinez headshot

Erica Martinez

PhD student in Environmental Science

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Frida Cital headshot

Frida Cital

Professor and researcher

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Gabriel Eckstein headshot

Gabriel Eckstein

Professor of Law and Director of TAMU Law Program

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Gabriela Muñoz-Meléndez headshot

Gabriela Muñoz-Meléndez

Professor and Researcher

Gilbert Anaya headshot

Gilbert Anaya


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Irwing  Ramirez headshot

Irwing Ramirez

Professor and Researcher

Javier Valdés Villarrea headshot

Javier Valdés Villarrea

Professor and Researcher

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Jeffery Bennett headshot

Jeffery Bennett


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Jack Schmidt headshot

Jack Schmidt

Professor and researcher

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Jennifer Wilson headshot

Jennifer Wilson


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Jose Alfredo Galindo-Sosa headshot

Jose Alfredo Galindo-Sosa

Deputy Manager

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José Javier Ochoa-Espinoza headshot

José Javier Ochoa-Espinoza


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José Joel Carrillo-Rivera headshot

José Joel Carrillo-Rivera


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José Luis Castro Ruiz headshot

José Luis Castro Ruiz

Professor and Researcher

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Jorge Ramírez-Hernández headshot

Jorge Ramírez-Hernández

Department head

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Juan Antonio Chompa Abarca headshot

Juan Antonio Chompa Abarca


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Jude Benavides headshot

Jude Benavides

Associate Professor of Hydrology

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Kevin Urbanczyk headshot

Kevin Urbanczyk

Professor and Researcher

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Laura Elisa Garza Diaz headshot

Laura Elisa Garza Diaz

Communications Cordinator

Laura Rodriguez headshot

Laura Rodriguez

Information Manager

Lindsay Sansom headshot

Lindsay Sansom

Doctor of Philosophy

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Mario Lopez Perez headshot

Mario Lopez Perez

Senior Water Resources Consultant

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Mariana Lopez headshot

Mariana Lopez


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Marusia Renteria-Villalobos headshot

Marusia Renteria-Villalobos

Professor and Researcher

Mauricio Flores headshot

Mauricio Flores


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Natalie Mladenov headshot

Natalie Mladenov

Assistant Professor

Omar Martinez headshot

Omar Martinez


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Oscar Leal headshot

Oscar Leal

Doctor en Ciencias y Tecnología del Agua

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Oziel Manzanera headshot

Oziel Manzanera


+52(811) 080-9557
Pablo Madrano headshot

Pablo Madrano


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Paul Hernandez-Romero headshot

Paul Hernandez-Romero

Professor and Researcher

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Paul Southard headshot

Paul Southard


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Ramon Saiz headshot

Ramon Saiz


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Randall Hanson headshot

Randall Hanson

President and Hydrologist

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Robert Varady headshot

Robert Varady

Professor and Researcher

Roberto Enriquez headshot

Roberto Enriquez


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Roger Miranda headshot

Roger Miranda

Professor and Researcher

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Ronald Green headshot

Ronald Green


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Ryan Smith headshot

Ryan Smith


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Saúl Arciniega Esparza headshot

Saúl Arciniega Esparza

News and Community Manager

Saurav Kumar headshot

Saurav Kumar

Scientist and Researcher

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Shed Nelson headshot

Shed Nelson

Professor and Searcher

Stacy Timmons headshot

Stacy Timmons

Associate Director for Hydrogeology Programs

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Stephanie Moore headshot

Stephanie Moore


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Temis Alvarez headshot

Temis Alvarez

Associate Director of Grant Programs

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Todd Votteler headshot

Todd Votteler

strategic counselor

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Trent Biggs headshot

Trent Biggs

Professor and Researcher

Zhuping Sheng headshot

Zhuping Sheng

Researcher and Professor

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