Wildlife and Environmental Conservation

Aimee Roberson headshot

Aimee Roberson

Río Grande Joint Venture Coordinator

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Brad Wolaver headshot

Brad Wolaver

Chief Hydrologist at Fish and Wildlife Services

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Enrique Prunes headshot

Enrique Prunes

Senior Program Officer

Erica Martinez headshot

Erica Martinez

PhD student in Environmental Science

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Felipe Vazquez headshot

Felipe Vazquez

Professor and Researcher

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Gabriela Rendon Herrera headshot

Gabriela Rendon Herrera

Communication Strategic Planning

Genevieve Johnson headshot

Genevieve Johnson


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Ivo Garcia headshot

Ivo Garcia

Ph.D Consultant

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J.D. Newsom headshot

J.D. Newsom

Executive Director

Jack Friedman headshot

Jack Friedman

Professor and Researcher

Jeffery Bennett headshot

Jeffery Bennett


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José Javier Ochoa-Espinoza headshot

José Javier Ochoa-Espinoza


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Laura Elisa Garza Diaz headshot

Laura Elisa Garza Diaz

Communications Cordinator

Mario Lopez Perez headshot

Mario Lopez Perez

Senior Water Resources Consultant

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Oscar Leal headshot

Oscar Leal

Doctor en Ciencias y Tecnología del Agua

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Price Rumbelow headshot

Price Rumbelow


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Ryan Smith headshot

Ryan Smith


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Shed Nelson headshot

Shed Nelson

Professor and Searcher

Temis Alvarez headshot

Temis Alvarez

Associate Director of Grant Programs

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Thomas Neeson headshot

Thomas Neeson

Assistant Professor

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