Institutions and Administrative Systems

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Adrian Oglesby


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Adriana Zuniga

Professor and Researcher

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Alfonso Andrés Cortez Lara

Investigador Titular

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Amy Hardberger

Associate Dean

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Anita Milman

Professor and Researcher

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Carlos Rubinstein


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Carmen Julia Navarro Gomez

Associate Professor

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Christopher Scott

Professor and Researcher

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Cynthia Hobson


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Debora VanNijnatten

Professor and Researcher

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Doug Parker

Director, California Institute for Water Resources

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Elia Tapia Villaseñor

Media Support

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Felipe Arreguin

Professor and Researcher

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Felipe Vazquez

Professor and Researcher

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Frida Cital

Professor and researcher

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Gabriel Eckstein

Professor of Law and Director of TAMU Law Program

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Gilbert Anaya


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Gonzalo Hatch Kuri

Professor and Researcher

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Holly Brause


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Ismael Aguilar-Benitez

Professor and Researcher

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J.D. Newsom

Executive Director

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Jack Friedman

Professor and Researcher

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Jessica Rudnick


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Jack Schmidt

Professor and researcher

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Jose Alfredo Galindo-Sosa

Deputy Manager

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José Javier Ochoa-Espinoza


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José Luis Castro Ruiz

Professor and Researcher

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Josiah Heyman

Professor and Researcher

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Juan Antonio Chompa Abarca


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Kimberly Collins


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Larry French


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Lindsay Sansom

Doctor of Philosophy

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Margaret Wilder

Associate Professor

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Mariana Villada-Canela

Professor and Researcher

Mario Lopez Perez headshot

Mario Lopez Perez

Senior Water Resources Consultant

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Nicolás Pineda Pablos

Professor and Researcher

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Omar Martinez headshot

Omar Martinez


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Oscar Leal headshot

Oscar Leal

Doctor en Ciencias y Tecnología del Agua

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Robert Varady headshot

Robert Varady

Professor and Researcher

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Roger Miranda

Professor and Researcher

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Rosario Sanchez


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Samuel Schmidt headshot

Samuel Schmidt

Professor and Researcher

Sharon Megdal headshot

Sharon Megdal

Director, Water Resources Research Center

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Stacy Timmons headshot

Stacy Timmons

Associate Director for Hydrogeology Programs

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Steve Perez


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Tamee Albrecht headshot

Tamee Albrecht

Professor and Researcher

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Temis Alvarez

Associate Director of Grant Programs

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Todd Votteler

strategic counselor

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