Trent Biggs

Trent Biggs

Dr. Trent W. Biggs research interests include the impacts of land use on hydrology, water quality, and sediment. Dr Biggs and his students use satellite imagery, fieldwork, and modeling to diagnose and analyze water-related problems that impact the environment and human welfare. His field locations include American Samoa, southern India, the Himalaya, and the US-Mexico border region. Most recently he and a team of students have analyzed the environmental consequences of urbanization on the US-Mexico border, with an emphasis on the origins of sediment that has damaged local estuaries.

Most Relevant publications:

Concrete and Poverty, Vegetation and Wealth? A Counterexample from Remote Sensing of Socioeconomic Indicators on the U.S.–Mexico Border(2013)

Land cover following rapid urbanization on the US–Mexico border: Implications for conceptual models of urban watershed processes(2010)

Stream channel erosion in a rapidly urbanizing region of the US–Mexico border: documenting the importance of channel hardpoints with Structure‐from‐Motion photogrammetry (2017)


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