Jessica Rudnick

Jessica Rudnick

Most Relevant publications

Rudnick, J., Niles, M.T., Lubell, M., Cramer, L. 2019. A Comparative Analysis of Governance and Leadership in Agricultural Development Policy Networks. World Development, 117. pp. 112-126. 

Lewis, J., and Rudnick, J. 2019. The Policy Enabling Environment for Climate Smart Agriculture: A Case Study of California. Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems, 3: 31. pp. 1-12. 

Méndez-Barrientos, Linda Estelí, DeVincentis, A., Rudnick, J. et al. 2020. Farmer Participation and Institutional Capture in Common-Pool Resource Governance Reforms. The Case of Groundwater Management in California. Society & Natural Resources, pp. 1-22.

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