Jeffery Bennett

Jeffery Bennett

Jeffery Bennett currently works at the Rio Grande Joint Venture, American Bird Conservancy. His most recent publication is 'Rio Grande – Río Bravo river corridor. Pages 21-23 in M. D. Wesson, C. Hallmich, J. Bennett, C. Sifuentes Lugo, A. Garcia, A. M. Roberson, J. Karges, and G. P. Garrett, editors. Conservation Assessment for the Big Bend-Río Bravo Region: A Binational Collaborative Approach to Conservation. Montreal QC: Commission for Environmental Cooperation


Most relevant publications:

Geologic and Geochemical Characterization of Thermal Springs Along the Rio Grande in Big Bend National Park (2007)

Estimating Ground Water Contribution from the Edwards-Trinity Plateau Aquifer to the Big Bend Reach of the Rio Grande, Texas(2012)

The Influence of Springs on Discharge and River Water Chemistry in the Lower Canyons, Rio Grande Wild and Scenic River, Texas (2009)

CEC. 2014 COnservation Assessment for the Big Bend-Rio Bravo Region: A Binational Collaborative Approach to Conservation Montreal, QC: Commission for Environmental Cooperation. 106pp.


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