Elia Scudiero

Elia Scudiero

I am an Assistant Research Agronomist at the University of California Riverside, Environmental Sciences. I carry out my research at the USDA-ARS, US Salinity Laboratory. I am a University of Padua (Italy) PhD (Environmental Agronomy, 2013) graduate. My research interests include the use of geophysical (near-ground and remote) measurements to characterize and model multi-scale (from field to national) agro-environmental soil-plant processes to support sustainable agriculture and water management practices.

Most relevant publlications

Mapping Soil Salinity From Space: Keeping An Eye On Degradation Of The World’s Farmland. Science Trends. (2018)

Workflow to Establish Time-Specific Zones in Precision Agriculture by Spatiotemporal Integration of Plant and Soil Sensing Data. (2018)

Time-lapse monitoring of soil water content using electromagnetic conductivity imaging. Soil Use and Management. (2016)