Antonio Hernández-Espriú

Antonio Hernández-Espriú

Main research lines: (1) water-energy nexus in unconventional deposits, i.e. shale gas/oil plays, with a major focus on the transboundary Eagle Ford play (Tx-Mex), (2) advanced aquifer test analysis using derivative-based techniques, adapted from the oil reservoir engineering and (3) environmental hydrogeology, i.e. the link between groundwater and overall environment (site remediation, land subsidence, aquifer vulnerability). Visiting Researcher, UT-Austin (2017-2018). Research/Professor, UNAM

Most Relevant Publications

A screening approach to improve water management practices in undeveloped shale plays, with application to the transboundary Eagle Ford Formation in northeast Mexico(2019)

Water use spatio-temporal mapping linked to hydraulic fracturing across the Eagle Ford Play, Texas (2019)

Baseflow recession analysis in a large shale play: Climate variability and anthropogenic alterations mask effects of hydraulic fracturing (2017)