Anita Milman

Anita Milman

I research environmental governance, with a focus on water resources in the context of global change. I am particularly interested in how adaptation to climate change in the water sector is influenced by a) institutional structures 2) the socio-political-cultural lenses used in interpreting information and c) the need to make decisions and act under uncertainty. My research is itself a form of boundary work, and I am especially interested in connecting those who produce knowledge with stakeholders, policy makers, and government agencies.


Most relevant publications

Assessment of institutional capacity to adapt to climate change in transboundary river basins. Climatic Change.(2013)

Examining the complex relationship between innovation and regulation through a survey of wastewater utility managers. Journal of environmental management. (2020)

Assessing the cumulative exposure of wildlife to offshore wind energy development. Journal of Environmental Management. (2019)