Andrew Teeple

Andrew Teeple

As a hydrologist for the USGS, I mainly work with data compilation, data management, and then using the data to develop hydrogeologic interpretations of groundwater systems. To aid in these interpretations, I use electrical geophysical methods, such as direct-current resistivity and time-domain and frequency domain electromagnetics, to fill in subsurface data in areas where there are data gaps.


Most relevant publication

The Sources of Groundwater to the Mineral Springs of Spicewood, Texas, Investigated with Electrical Geophysical Methods.(2019)

New Insights on Scale-dependent Surface and Groundwater Exchange from a Floating Self-potential Dipole. Journal of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics. (2018)

Changes between early development (1930-60) and recent (2005-2015) groundwater-level altitudes in and near Gaines, Terry, and Yoakum Counties, Texas.(2017)