Ali Mirchi

Ali Mirchi

Dr. Ali Mirchi is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering at Oklahoma State University (OSU). He teaches courses in different areas of water resources engineering and management. Dr. Mirchi's research focuses on water resources planning and management, hydrologic engineering, and systems modeling to inform resource management frameworks, and derive policy insights that promote sustainability. He applies systems thinking, systems analysis techniques, geographic information systems (GIS), simulation, and optimization modeling to advance understanding of coupled human-natural systems at different scales. Dr. Mirchi is currently working on two interdisciplinary research projects in the Rio Grande region and South Florida, USA, investigating water resources management strategies in the face of continuous growth, competing demands, and climate change. Prior to joining OSU, Dr. Mirchi was a Research Assistant Professor at the Department of Civil Engineering and Center for Environmental Resource Management at the UT El Paso


Most relevant publication

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