Groundwater Talks webinars

The Groundwater Around the World initiative is a series of content that, every two months, highlights a country and its groundwater. Learn about hydrogeology all around the world with these webinars!

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Transboundary water cooperation is becoming more urgent as water scarcity and water stress are growing: Learning from water-stressed basins in West Africa

Effective and collaborative management of water resources across borders can enable peace, food security and resilience. As water scarcity and water stress are growing worldwide, most river basin organizations seem to acknowledge the need for transboundary water cooperation. Yet the agreements reached therein suffer from persistent under-implementation.

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Comarca Lagunera- Necesario, atender problema de arsénico en el agua de La Laguna (El Siglo de Torreón)

La dependencia federal informó que, durante la quinta de seis mesas de diálogo sobre el proyecto federal de Agua Saludable para La Laguna, los organismos manifestaron su total compromiso para contribuir con el proyecto para atender la demanda histórica de más de 1 millón 600 mil habitantes de nueve municipios de La Laguna.

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