TxMAP: A new way to map with conservation data

When we collect data, we’re gifted a multidimensional story, and it’s up to the scientist in each of us to navigate the information one hypothesis at a time until we find relationships that solve complex natural resource issues. Like a trusty map from the glovebox with a pocket compass folded in the crease, the data reveals the best routes and the dead ends to avoid, but ultimately asks us to fuel our discoveries with creative inquisition.

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Measuring success in transboundary water cooperation: lessons from World Bank engagements

How do we know when international cooperation is successful? A senior U.N. official once suggested that cooperation is like elephants mating: it all takes place at a very high level, there is a lot of noise, and it takes years to know the result. While this might be just a cynical joke, it contains a grain of truth: the success of international cooperation is often difficult to measure because results are often intangible and materialize over very long-time scales.

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