The Water Convention and the Protocol on Water and Health

Do you know about the Water Convention? learn about how this international legal instrument and intergovernmental platform can be used to ensure the sustainable use of transboundary water resources

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What will future water stress look like in transboundary basins?

There is growing awareness of the problems of water stress and scarcity around the world, and certainly action does need to be taken now in order to protect our water resources in the face of climate change and a growing global population.

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Building River Dialogue and Governance

The BRIDGE programme works towards building river dialogue and governance in transboundary river basins. Implemented by IUCN and regional partners, BRIDGE works at the interface of hydrodiplomacy and local governance to promote new approaches in transboundary water management by:

  • Facilitating cooperation
  • Strengthening inter‐governmental capacities
  • Creating spaces for dialogue and agreements
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