Our Philosophy

Our Ethics Code

The Ethics Code is a document that reinforces the Permanent Forum of Binational Waters (PFBW) commitment to maintain professional, healthy, peaceful and enriching behavior within its platforms, with the purpose to promote a positive and respectful environment for users and members.

Our Code of Ethics is a normative guide for circumstances that may be considered in conflict with our Values and Philosophy, in which it is necessary to make a discretionary decision.

Our Code is applicable to directors, collaborators, members and participants of the PFBW. It constitutes a reference over which the members and collaborators of the Executive  and Advisory Committees can rely for making decisions within the organization.

The complete Ethics Code Protocol can be found here.

If you want to report a suspected violation to our values, please use this Form.

Our Philosophy

  • Transboundary cooperation
  • Socialization of science
  • Holistic approaches

Our Values

  • Respect: of opinions, gender, sex, origin, race, culture, religion, philosophy...
  • Humility: openness to other ideas and perspectives.
  • Diversity: recognition and integration of differences.
  • Reliability: accuracy and honesty in the generation and dissemination of information.
  • Empowerment: build up and support others by sharing knowledge and information.
  • Leadership: foster cooperation, science dissemination and integration of water management approaches.
  • Teamwork: gather our unique strengths to advance towards our common goal.